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Promotion Press conference





Late registration, measurement, 2nd July, 10:00

Opening ceremony, Riga, yacht club ''Auda'',  3rd July

1st Stage EZRKAULIŅI: Riga - Riga (25-30 n.m.): 3rd July  
2nd Stage IĻĢUCIEMA MEDALUS:Riga - Riga (short distances): 4th July 
3rd Stage APSARA: Riga-Engure-Riga (50-60 n.m.): 5th July
4th Stage CAPTAIN MORGAN: Riga- Roja (60-90 n.m.): 6ht July

Day off. Sailing popularization day. Media regatta: 7th July
5th Stage BANGA: Roja - Roja (short distances): 8th July
Prize giving and closing ceremony: 8th July, 18:00

Baltic Open regatta'16 - Laser & Optimist - 2nd - 3rd July !




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NOR for Baltic Open regatta 2016

NOR for Baltic Open regatta 2016 also known as Latvian open offshore sailing championship 2016 was approved by Latvian Yachting union and now is available under ‘’BOR 2016 documents’’ section.

NOR for Laser & Optimist

NOR for Baltic open regatta 2016 Laser & Optimist is available under section ''Laser & Optimist''. As we are expecting participants from Estonia, Lithuania and Russia NOR are available in Latvian, English and Russian languages. Please note: If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.

Leg 4 Results

Leg 5 Results           Leg  4 Results  

Third Leg Results

Third Leg Results            

Second Leg Results

Second Leg Results  

First Leg Results

Events in Kuivizi and Roja


About 30 yachts already are on the Baltic Open Regatta 2015 entry list. Have you entered yet?

  It's only seven days to go until this years largest and greatest offshore sailing event in Latvia - Baltic Open Regatta. As today 28 boats from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have made their entrance to the regatta with more entrances expected. Have you applied yet?  Regatta starts on 28th of June with short races off Kuivizi (Salacgriva) and is followed with the opening ceremony later in the evening.  Have you checked the regatta schedule yet? You can see it here.  Registration for the regatta can be made either on 27.06.2015 from 18:00 till 21:00 ... Read More

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