Regata BackgroundThe social project “Baltic Open Regatta”

A project with the mission to expand development of sailing to the area of the Sea around Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania includes social function. This function is realized as a rule of regatta, that allows having a youth in a team (from 13th till 21 year old). The youth for each yacht could be selected from the most perspective dinghy sailors that supply national sailing clubs, and allocated to the teams of sailing boats by decision of Major Judge. The educational aim of regatta: to give a possibility for teams to widen experience of sailing perfection by participation in regattas internationally and in mixed teams.


Success keys of  “Baltic Open Regatta”

1. Sailors from different countries have been participating in National regattas individually for a long time and there is a natural pull force between three nations of Baltic states;

2. Sailing is a way of becoming closer to the environment, a way of enjoying life, experiencing power of water and the excitement of participation in competition. The race itself is an adventure that brings out the passion and motivation we feel inside;

3. With the independence of Baltic countries and their membership in European Union, new tendencies has been brought into our everyday life style:



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